“Trust grows out of a history of delivering creative solutions to each client’s specific needs”

John J. Korom started John J. Korom Photography in June, 1999. John is an experienced professional photographer with 30 years behind the camera capturing the visions of art directors and marketing professionals. John has established a solid reputation with his clients for delivering the images they seek with the mark of an artist.
John was the photographic supervisor at Federbar Studios, inc., in Milwaukee, WI. Prior to His stint at Federbar, He was a lead photographer at Pohlman Studios in Milwaukee.
John has been an instructor of Photographic Lighting and Photographic Journalism at the Milwaukee Area Technical College, and has taught Photographic Lighting at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. He is involved in the internship program at M.I.A.D. and M.A.T.C. He is a member of the AIA-American Institute of Architects, and sits on the MATC Photography Advisory Board.